Thomas Winandy

Head of Mobile Banking

Commerzbank AG


How to Stay Ahead in Digital Banking by Providing an Outstanding Banking App Experience

Smartphones are the most frequently used device that customers nowadays use to stay in touch with their bank – especially since more and more branches are being closed. It is essential for banks to offer competitive products/services and an outstanding digital banking experience, providing additional value. A successful banking experience is the foundation of a successful digital banking strategy to stay ahead of traditional banks and new entrants.

  • Status Quo: Importance and current mobile banking app growth
  • Best practice: How Commerzbank ensures to remain one of the best-rated banking apps in Germany
  • Outlook: Mobile Banking trends 2023 and beyond

Jose Luis Navarro Llorens

Head of Strategy Open Banking



Dipping at the Potential of Embedded Finance

In this presentation, you will hear about why banks, fintechs and end customers should care about E, what’s the status now, blockers and foreseeable future.

Joris Kok

Product Lead Mobile Payments



Mobile Payments: Does It Get Any Better Than This?

Only recently customers faced quite a challenge if they forgot their wallet and wanted to buy something. Today, thanks to new technologies and a bank in your pocket, it’s much easier to purchase items wherever you go, even if you leave your wallet at home. The recent pandemic taught both businesses and consumers that contactless payments are the future. Which trends and companies determine the path to more convenient payment options? Which level of convenience should we strive for? Can it get any better than what we already have today? Joris Kok shares his view on the current state of the Mobile Payments domain and ING’s ambitions to become the best mobile-led bank.

  • Which major trends are influencing the development of banking applications?
  • How do Neobanks lift the bar for mobile banking apps?
  • Is there anything we can do to make mobile payments even more easy and frictionless than it already is today?
  • What does the future of mobile payments bring in terms of features and devices?
  • (How should we be) supporting blockchain-based cryptocurrency mobile payments in traditional banking apps?
  • What will be the impact of the Digital Euro (CBDC) on traditional banking apps?

Aruna Bhalla

Head of Partnerships & Open Banking

TSB Bank 


Open Banking Partnerships: Collaboration vs Competition

Banking as a concept is changing, and with the explosion of FinTech coming into the market, financial institutions need to respond. Customers no longer want to be served by single institutions – they want choice. With that in mind, banks need to collaborate with Fintech to offer this choice.