11th Annual Digital Banking and Mobile Payments Summit

27 – 28 April 2022 | Vienna

World of online banking has shifted dramatically in the last two years. Customers moved conducting their business to online and banks have to react to this change. We witness the transformation in digitalisation and automation of banking processes thanks to the new emerging technology. How are the banks able to keep up with the new ongoing innovations?

11th Annual Digital Banking and Online Payments Summit is designed to bring you the newest trends in the way how banks transformed throughout the pandemic and what trends they expect in the near future. Experts from biggest European banks will shed the light on the Open Banking and use of APIs. They will be covering topics such as, transformation and innovation, what technologies use banks to ensure the safety of customers, what are current trends in mobile payments, what mobile apps are banks developing and many others.

This interactive banking event will provide you with the overview of current challenges the European banks are facing, and knowledge from C-level experts in this field. One of the benefits this event brings you is the limited seats, so you have the great networking opportunity to share your ideas and thoughts. You will have a chance to get insight and inspirations from the other leaders and establish important business contacts.

Hottest topics that will be discussed this annual

  • Automation and digitalization of bank processes
  • How to adopt technologies such as APIs, Blockchain or big data to accelerate banking development?
  • Evolving world of Open Banking and its implementation into the practice by the banks
  • Innovation and digital transformations of banks sped up by the pandemic
  • Change in the way how banks are offering their services in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic
  • What is the most convenient way for customers to conduct their business with banks is through the apps?
  • How do banks ensure the best customer experience?
  • Accessibility, convenience and simplicity in developing new mobile banking apps
  • What is the future of brick-and-mortar banks when most of the transactions and services moved to the online world?



Head of Products, Processes & Planning, Corporate & Investment Banking


From Digitalization to Building an ECOSYSTEM for Clients

The presentation will provide an overview of developments in the area of Digitalisation & Automation during recent years in Finance Industry, outlining the approaches in Retail and Corporate segment. It will deal with current challenges in Banking/Finance and provide insight into the current situation of Sberbank, Europe/Sberbank Group. Following that an outlook for the future shall be given - what are the key topics for banks in next 5-10 years (Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Blockchain, Bankassurance, Platforms). How Sberbank is preparing for the Future - the ECOSYSTEM philosophy.

• Digitalisation - Key Innovations in Retail and Corporate banking of last years
• Current Trends (Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Blockchain, Crypto)
• Future of Banking - where does the journey go? Digitalisation - what else will be the key success driver?


Head of API and Open Banking


How Commerzbank Uses APIs as an Enabler for Open Banking

• APIs as an important Open Banking driver and feature enabler in Commerzbank's mobile banking app
• Inside-out approach of an API-based digital transformation
• BaaS pipeline of Commerzbank (e.g. Corporate Cards)
• Fundamental Business & Corporate Clients needs
Outlook: Where does our API Journey take us next?


Head of Open Banking Channel Management


Open Banking: Use Cases and Global Perspectives

This presentation will focus on how the Open Banking map is evolving outside of Europe, on what use cases it has enabled and how these use improve customer experience and utility.

• Which countries outside of Europe have now implemented Open Banking or are looking to implement it in the near future, and how do their approaches differ compared to Europe?
• What use cases has Open Banking enabled 4 years after its initial launch and what value do these add to customers?
• How can a bank leverage Open Banking to improve customer experience and offer better services to its personal and business customers?


VP Functional Leader


API Banking – The Emerging Corporate Banking Channel

Corporate customers are today using banking services mainly though batch payments and reporting in addition to netbanks. API Banking is emerging as a new way of doing banking. Where we in are thins? Is this path an evolution or revolution?

• How will API Banking support corporate customers digitalising and automating their treasury and payment processes?
• How mature is the market?
• Which API products are providing biggest value?


Head of Product & Partnerships


BBVA Experience Launching a Digital Bank in Italy

BBVA will explain how to launch a digital bank in a new market like Italy in one year time frame. How to make it happen?

• Digital expansion strategy: Organic growth and scalability of existing assets
• Value proposition design process
• Customer acquisition strategy: Open market and partnerships

Very interesting to experience where other banks are in comparison to ours, to share insights, to discover that we all have the same concerns and to learn from each other.

– Expert General Manager, Head of Innovation, KBC Asset Management

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