10th Annual Digital Banking & Mobile Payments Summit

28 - 29 April 2021 | ONLINE

The current situation made banking industry around the whole world become even more digital than it was before. We are facing the New Normal, and it changed not only the way banks work, but also customer expectations, and added the need to use more and more advanced technology, such as AI, blockchain, Robotic Process Automation, API platforms, Instant Payments etc. So what should we expect in the future?


10th Annual Digital Banking and Mobile Payments Summit has been designed to cover all the current hot topics and challenges regarding Open Banking, digital revolution, digital payments and wallets, FinTech and banking collaboration, avoiding cyber financial crimes, Smart Banking and many others. At our mobile payments business event you will hear from leading banks internationally that have managed to provide best-in-class digital experience to their customers.

Hottest topics will be discussed this annual

  • Open Banking space: What to expect in 2021
  • Finding balance in personalisation and new digital business models
  • Ways banks are using technology to confront the challenges and emerging risks posed by the COVID-19 crisis
  • Digital payments: A journey from contactless payments to Open Banking
  • Safeguarding payments – Threats, trends and fraud prevention technology
  • FinTechs & Banks: Building the digital bridge
  • Payments revolution: Will blockchain networks replace legacy payment platforms?


Anastasija NIKITIN

Business Expert API Banking


The Future of Collaboration in Corporate Banking

At Commerzbank they understand Open Banking as the combination of both technical components and business components with the aim to boost innovation and ultimately increase user value. On the journey to leverage the full potential of Open Banking, significant challenges will arise that cannot be solved by one single party alone, especially in our increasingly complex world. Thus, we believe that only through partnerships among equals with clients, partners of FinTech, the true value of Open Banking can be revealed.

• Open Banking – What it could mean
• Influence of Open Banking on Business and Corporate Clients
• Open Banking changes value creation

Ákos András MOLNÁR

Head of Digital Services and George Country Manager


Introducing George to Erste Bank Hungary’s Customers During the Pandemic

In this presentation, the speaker would like to show what difficulties and challenges they faced in implementing one of the most innovative banking FinTech solutions in Europe during the pandemic. He would also like to show how the new digital platform was received by the customers after the product was launched to the market.

• Pandemic is here, project must go on
• Finding balance in personalisation and new digital business models
• How to handle extra needs of digitally matured customers with an “off-the-shelf” Group wild solution

Christoph BAUER

VP, Innovation Evangelist


Der Link: The Minimum Viable Innovation Team

We often hear about how large corporates structure innovation teams in their headquarters. But what about the other locations, how can you accelerate innovation efforts in other markets a corporate is active in? This is what Der Link, the Minimum Viable Innovation Team of Societe Generale in Germany, is all about. Christoph Bauer, Innovation Evangelist, will talk about his experience building the team and share his insights on what works and what does not work in such a setup.

• How can local innovation teams contribute to innovation and accelerate local efforts?
• What kind of projects can you run, how do you make the best out of a very small team?
• Which formats work well, how is communication and exchange with local entities structured?
• What are fails and what does success look like?


Chief Enterprise Architect: Payments and Digital Core


Payments Revolution: Will Blockchain Networks Replace Legacy Payment Platforms?

Why blockchain payment networks have not become the de facto standard for Payment Market Infrastructures? Is the problem related to adoption of the technology for this use case? Are we too early in the evolution life cycle for this to be feasible? We will explore some of the opportunities and challenges related to this.

• What are the current realities
• Which current barriers to entry exist
• Which industry forces are creating a case for change
• Which timelines do we see as realistic to achieve this


Head of Digital Payments and Services


Digital Payments: A Journey from Contactless Payments to Open Banking

In the recent years, the digital payments industry has been experiencing continuous changing. For instance, in 2015 contactless payments in Italy accounted for 12% of the overall digital payments, while today they are facing a steady and quick growth due to the rise of other use cases via mobile and wearables. Phones, watches, rings, fingerprints and other biometrics: payment technologies are still in development and contactless mobile payments seem to be the future. Plus, cash is progressively losing power in Western countries’ economies while it has already lost the fight in the Eastern ones. IN THE LAST FIVE YEARS, THE ACCELERATION OF DIGITAL PAYMENTS DOUBLED COMPARED TO TWENTY YEARS BEFORE.

• From contactless payments to wearables: The story of a bold switch in users’ mind-set and how Intesa Sanpaolo responds to change
• Payments as a new way of expressing ourselves
• Cards Instant Issuing for On-The-Go users
• Card customisation: Interpreting customer tastes and responding quickly
• The opportunities of Open Banking: Partnerships with corporates and public administration
• The future of payments: Further opportunities deriving from an open approach

Very interesting to experience where other banks are in comparison to ours, to share insights, to discover that we all have the same concerns and to learn from each other

Expert General Manager, Head of Innovation at KBC Bank

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